5 things about Boys blog!

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5 things about Boys blog!

I was not one of those mothers who after she found out that she was pregnant was desperate for one sex over the other. Through the whole pregnancy I really did not give it much thought, surrounding myself with anything and everything neutral… cream, cream and white to mix it up!

So when I went into the delivery room and heard those words “it’s a boy”, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was one of three girls, what did I know of boys and their strange habits?

Here are my top five things I have learned living with a little boy over the past six years…

1. They wee..  EVERYWHERE! This started just after birth. You are in the glow of motherhood where everything is exciting – dressing them, bathing them, cuddling them and yes, even changing nappies. This is where is all started. The nappy came off and the fountain of wee spurted in my face… oh yes it did!

Fast forward six years down the track, I am confronted by a yellow puddle in front of the toilet bowl, on the wall, dribble on the toilet seat at least every morning… still cleaning wee! Ok maybe  exaggerating, 90% goes in at least…

2. Noises – what is it with boys and their sound effects? it appears that everything is either a car, a spaceship, or a flying superhero. This could be anything from a piece of toast, to a stick, to the can of beans in the grocery aisle. These noises surround me no matter where I am, I swear I hear them even when I am in the shower!

3. Always HUNGRY – they are bottomless pits. I have never heard “I’m hungry” so much as when my son is around. When he was eight months old he would cry when he finished his food. The bottom lip would tremble and quiver with complete sadness at the empty bowl. These days I am out doing groceries every week, if not every couple of days, and being eaten out of my house! They don’t stop moving – from 6am when they are up there is jumping, soaring, running.. maybe this is what it is causing all this hunger?

baby gabriel bw 2

4.  They cuddle and love with their whole heart – my kids are both quite cuddly which I LOVE! As much as he will run around the house donned in a cape saving the house from destruction, using a stick to fight the bad guys, he will always find his way in for a cuddle. I know these will stop one day so I enjoy every single one now. There is nothing sweeter than when I am cooking in the kitchen and I hear “Mum, you’re beautiful” with a smile that could melt butter…

5. They will teach you things – some of the things I have learned recently:

·      the difference between Marvel and DC comics,

·      which superheroes can fly, shoot lasers, crush things with their little finger,

·      where to dig for worms,

·      how to construct a solid base for any lego structure

Above all my son has taught me how sensitive, curious, compassionate, understanding, and strong little boys can be. Never underestimate what they can teach you about life.

gabe superhero bw 2


I don’t know what they next few years will bring…grunting responses, LOTS of sleeping in, blank stares (well, more than now), more intentional farting out loud, piles of dirty clothes hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe… so I guess I hold my breath and go for the ride whatever it brings!

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