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Little Gents Clothing brand is one of the sassiest, sophisticated and charming clothing labels for little boys, which is based on allowing children to develop their own style sense.

The market for clothing is always inundated with girls clothing from skirts to dresses to necklaces to bows! When in a department store you can almost guarantee that the girls section is twice as large as the boys. This discovery was how Little Gents clothing store was born.

It is a brand based on a sense of classic style, sophistication and comfort for everyday wear. Their goals include –  1. Equipping you with everything you need, from clothing to accessories to build an individual dapper outfit for your little man and 2. Providing amazing customer service!

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09/09/2015 –


This is a special edition of “Behind the Seams” because it’s the first store we are featuring that is exclusive to boys only. Yes you heard right. No girls allowed in this store! Little Gents Clothing only caters to the little man in your life and what a great idea because it is a rare thing to find in the children clothing world. They stock some fantastic brands that encompass boys clothing and accessories.

Let me introduce to you the creative force behind the store, Diana Rogaris. Diana is married to her best friend (awwww!) and is a mother of two beautiful children, Gabriel and Anastasia. Apart from running Little Gents Clothing, she also works part time in Marketing (that is one busy Mumma!). Little Gents Clothing opened its virtual doors in December 2014. Have a read on Diana’s views on running a children’s clothing store and her advice to children’s clothing labels who wish to be stocked at a store like Little Gents Clothing.

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Little Gents Clothing : The Best Brands In Boys Clothing

March 25th, 2015: Mother of a pigeon pair, Diana Rogaris, found it a cinch to provide her daughter with clothing options that allowed her to express herself: dresses, skirts, frilly bows, her daughter had it all at her disposal. Diana quickly found that her son’s fashion options were somewhat limited in comparison. Not one to settle, Diana set forth on creating a store filled with the best boys fashion available and Little Gents Clothing – was born…..CLICK HERE

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By MeOhMy Editor&Founder Siobhan Rennie (@meohmymum)

As you all may know, I have a baby boy named Harry. Well, maybe he’s not really a baby anymore – more like crazy toddler wrecking ball! Anyway, from the time we knew we were having a ‘blue’ bub I was on the hunt for well-made, trendy boys’ gear that DIDN’T have trucks, cars or monsters emblazoned upon it. I know it’s not just me that hates that kind of gear – it’s like the world thinks that dressing boys in gear portraying traditionally ‘manly’ things will help shape them as men. Errrr, not so much.

Anyway, the point is that I struggled to find the sort of clothing I was looking for in mainstream shops. So, I turned to Instagram (which was very new to me at the time) and low and behold a few talented mamas had recognised this gap in the market. One of these is Little Gents Clothing, who have set about creating a one stop shop for all things trendy boys’ clothes….

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