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5 Tips to survive Summer Christmas

5 Tips to survive Summer Christmas

How to prepare for Christmas in Aussie summer weather

Summer styles

 Who doesn’t love Christmas Day? Wake up early (or get woken up) with the kids, check to see if Santa enjoyed the milk and cookies you left out for him the night before, did the reindeers make a big carrot mess? Finally, the countdown has ended and it’s time into rip into and all open those packages that have been sitting under the tree finally!

When the wrapping has been cleaned, the breakfast has been eaten to the sounds of new toys chiming in the background, the official Christmas day outfits that have been so carefully selected and laid out, finally get to be put on for a day of photos to begin 

5 Tips for kids Christmas Day clothes

What is on the radar for the day – a simple lunch, a swim in the pool/beach, perhaps a backyard cricket or soccer game? Have you thought about all the “just in case” essentials to help you get through what could be a long day.  

Before rushing out the door in your special photo-ready stylish outfits, here are my 5 tips to help you better prepare for the day:


  • For your little baby boys on this special day, have you picked out a sweet little getup – maybe little shirt/shorts, collared romper, perhaps some suspenders? How long do you think these will last? After some pics have been taken, I would recommend some extra nice easy rompers to keep them cool for an outfit change. Better yet, even some cute basic tees and shorts separates, and a spare light-weight muslin wrap. Whether they will need a quick swaddle to squeeze in a nap, or they’re crawling, walking, running, keep comfort key.
baby boy romper milk addict baby boy romper milk addict baby boy romper wilson and frenchy top baby boy romper wilson and frenchy shorts
  • Have you packed in some extra not-so-pretty baby bibs for the day? The ones that are not quite photo-worthy but will keep their clothes clean, you know the ones mama. The last thing you want is pumpkin spit up stains in all your snaps.
  • How to manage the heat – boys are active am I right? Always moving, whether running, shouting, playing… perhaps that button up collared shirt was good for a few snaps in the morning but not so practical for a backyard run. Throw in a spare tee or a singlet top to switch out when things start to heat up

alphabet soup boys tank top alphabet soup boys tank top alphabet soup boy top

  • Shoes – are your little men wearing the ones that perhaps haven’t been worn in, but may cause sore feet an hour after leaving the house. Throw some thongs or slides in a bag just in case. You want an easy to wear, no fuss, convenient shoe while you are out and about

beau hudson slides


  • Hats – just in case things end up outdoors, be sunsmart. It goes without saying that sunscreen is a MUST. You don’t want to be dealing with stubborn sunburn for the rest of the school holidays. Try a cute bucket hat or snap back, easy to pack.

acorn baby boy swim hatacorn boy snapback hatacorn boy bucket hat 

A spare bag of “extras” in the car will go along way. Nothing like feeling like superwoman in total control on a long and sometimes tiring day out.

You got this mama!

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