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KaPow Kids: Behind the Brand blog

KaPow Kids: Behind the Brand

New Brand alert - KaPow Kids!

One of the best parts of running this business is exploring and supporting new local designers. We are excited to be a stockist of one of Australia's premium and fun kids clothing brands, Kapow Kids!

Andrea Goulding, the designer and creative mover and shaker behind this label took some time out to have a little chat with us.

  • Kids Clothes! How did this all come about?
    Basically because I didn’t want to work in an office anymore! And I have loved fashion since I was a very, very young girl. I had a baby and suddenly I just wanted to sew my own stuff. Not many people were doing the whole Instagram shop thing back when I first started 5 and a half years ago. Im a creative person, and I am a dreamer, so I went to spotlight, bought a sewing machine and taught myself to sew. I made some leggings and some bibs and people on Instagram snapped them up! It was crazy!
  • What was the inspiration behind the name “Kapow”
    I wanted a bold and catchy name, nothing cutesy or girly (just had a baby boy so didn’t know much about girls clothes apart from leopard print!). I wanted something that really packed a punch, that was memorable and a reflection of my own quirky style, hence KaPow!
  • What were you doing before starting your empire?
    I was working as an Architect in a big firm in the city. I was working part time when I got back from Mat leave after having my first baby, Flynn. I totally changed after having a baby. I didn’t want to be working long hours anymore and rushing around in peak hour traffic. So I quit and started my own business. It was pretty scary at the time to change careers but I’m so glad I took the risk.
  • What is your favourite piece for boys this season and what was the inspiration behind it?
    I love the Wolf camo print range. I love that from a distance it looks like an abstract camouflage print but then upclose you can see all the details of the cute Wolf face. My textile designer took a long time to put that print together!
  • How would you describe the style behind the brand?
    I try to be different. I like the designs to be fun, so that kids love to wear it aswell as the parents love to dress their kids in it. I think baby clothing should be super cute! So I design outfits that really make people react when the little one is wearing it –sparking comments like OMG that outfit! Haha. And for the bigger kids I design stuff that is more cool.
  • What has been your biggest hurdle since starting? 
    It's hard to make a profit in the start up phase. But we are making profit now which is great.
  • Any advice to others wanting to start?
    I think passion and strong determination is important, so if you don’t have those, probably not worth bothering starting your own kids fashion business.
  • What’s next for you and your brand?
    Next season we are doing bigger sizes and a bigger range! And new branding.

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