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Pretty Brave: Behind The Brand

Pretty Brave: Behind The Brand

Who is Pretty Brave?

A little look into the world of Director Natalie Meldrum for Pretty Brave and Crywolf

What were you doing before starting Pretty Brave?

My background is in graphic design. This, combined with my love of fashion is how I set out to create Pretty Brave.

What was the inspiration behind Pretty Brave, and where was the name born?
The concept for Pretty Brave was born in Spain. MY husband Tim is in the sailing industry, and he was offered a job in Valencia in 2010. We liked the idea of having an adventure, so we sold our Auckland house, packed up our lives and moved to spain with our eight-month-old son Blake and two-year-old daughter Skye. We stayed for five years and I used this time to rethink my career path. My background is graphic design, but I wanted to bring something back to New Zealand that Spaniards did well. I could see a gap in the market for fashion-inspired, quality children's footwear, so I set about making it happen. 
I'd pack the kids into the car and drive south to the heart of the shoe making industry and door knock. In my limited Spanish, I'd introduce myself as a girl from New Zealand who wanted to make baby shoes. From there the journey took me to Morocco, Denmark and into Asia, where I set up relationships with manufacturers who still make my shoes today. We moved back to New Zealand at the end of 2014, and Pretty Brave was launched in February 2015. 
The name Pretty Brave, comes from the two words the family found themselves using with their own children.... "Aren't you Pretty Brave!"
What influenced your latest release?
I love bringing adult trends to little feet and our latest season 'Rainbow Diaries' really encapsulates this with the soft colours and stylish prints. We are recognised around the world for our original designs and bold prints, so each collection I seek to evolve this. Another key focus for our new season is the journey - we are committed to being there every step of our little customers way as they embark on their amazing journey and learn to walk. Working alongside podiatrists, we ensure each of our shoes has been designed to suit the growing foot, meaning our shoes not only look amazing, but also perform. 


What is the best part about your job?
For me, getting away from the studio and into remote locations gets me into the creative zone. I always head off somewhere to be alone. This year I stayed in a beautiful historic hotel in the Waitakere Ranges. I also get excited when the samples from each collection arrive. It's like Christmas. I love seeing my ideas take shape. And I still get a kick when I see someone wearing Pretty Brave or Crywolf.


Here is the latest Pretty Brave Range 

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