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stylish boys clothes

Stylish Boys Clothes

hear you boy mama, where are the stylish boys clothes?

Where are the cool clothes for boys?

I know all too well the painful hours spent searching shop to shop to source new seasonal pieces to restock my son’s wardrobe, or buying something nice for a special event back in the day. Desperately looking for some stylish and cool boys clothes! 
The struggle is real. Well was…

Little Gents Store was established back in 2014, to support all those boy mamas who, like me, could never find quality boys clothing and accessories. It all started as a concept to deliver the very best in boys fashion clothing & accessories, a style destination.  

When selecting new brands to stock, boys clothing pieces & stylish accessories, we have taken the guesswork out of it for you. These brands have been tried & tested by our very own.

What about girls…?

I often get asked, will you be bringing in girls’ clothes too? My answer, no. Why?
The market is swamped with soooo many girly options, we are trying to level out the score by bringing cool boy’s fashion in the spotlight.


How to make boys fashion fun

I am all about boys fashion you’ll want to buy and your boys will want to wear – that’s half the battle isn’t it? I know how busy life is, work, kids to feed, homework to help with, a household to maintain…
NO parent wants to spend that extra 20minutes before heading out for the day trying to convince their boys to get dressed in THIS tee and THOSE jeans. Pft, ain’t nobody got time for that! Our selection of fun statement tees, everyday basics, and comfy pants take the guesswork out of it all.

My 2 boys have taught me exactly how rough boys can be. The rumbles, playing in the dirt, how a simple snack can cover an entire t-shirt in the blink of an eye. But isn’t that part of the fun? A simple run through the cycle and all brand new again.


What’s important when deciding?

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes throughout each year really in sourcing the right boys clothing brands and pieces to stock. The global brands we stock, are designed by parents who understand that durability and comfort come first above all.
Our pieces are road-tested by boys, I know they will withstand those park adventures, messy meal times and simple play dates.
We are all about practical, long-lasting, easily washable, cool boys clothing online

Stylish boys clothing is what we deliver!


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