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Tips for buying Trendy Toddler Boys Clothes

Tips for buying Trendy Toddler Boys Clothes

Best Tips when shopping Trendy Toddler Boys Clothes

Officially out of the baby phase, enter the toddler boy! Why should the fun of buying cute clothing pieces stop? You can have even more fun now building a wardrobe for your little boy now he’s older.

While some of the rules might change, the cuteness is elevated. Buying the right toddler boy clothes for an active little one can make life easier for you BOTH.

As your little guy is off exploring – walking, running, climbing, jumping, perhaps trying to dress himself (yep those half an hour dressing sessions will start…), it’s important to make sure he is comfortable. 

A few things to consider at this age

  • Clothes that are easy to get on and off
  • Durability, will they withstand the daily rumble and tumble
  • Growth spurts - will they last as my little one grows

But where are the cool toddler boys clothes? Here are some of our favourites below:


Keep the romper dream alive up until you decide to get your little one potty training (that’s a blog for another day). They are just easy for those at home days when you aren’t planning to go anywhere and are great for popping another layer on top if need be.




As it cools down, getting a jumper on an energetic little guy, can present itself a new struggle resembling an WWF showdown. Layer, layer, layer. Start with a basic long sleeve tee with a neck hole wide enough for their head to slip in with ease. Layer it up with anything that has buttons or a zip will make your life a lot easier. 



Sometimes keeping it simple is best, look for clothes that make those nappy changes super easy, simple on and off manoeuvre. No need for buttons and zippers, when you are off for a babychino date or playcentre to go exploring.

However, when you have somewhere special to go and wanna get a little extra, comfort should still be key. Look for a relaxed fit stylish pant that will allow your cheeky toddler to continue to get up to his mischief.  

Above all, remember to bring some fun and colour to dressing an active little toddler boy  – sing a song together, count the number of buttons, talk about the colour of their top. You got this!


Here's the latest season range of Boys Toddler Clothes


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