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Stylish Boys Clothes

I hear you boy mama, where are the stylish boys clothes? The painful hours spent searching shop to shop to source new seasonal pieces to restock my son’s wardrobe, or buying something nice for a special event back in the day. Desperately looking for some stylish boys clothes! The struggle is real. Well was… Little Gents Store was established to support all those boy mamas who, like me, could never find quality boys clothing and accessories.   What about girls...? I often get asked, will...

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Boy Mama: Raising Two Boys

How being a Boy Mama Changed Me Girls! Girls is what I knew, I am one of three girls, majority of my cousins and extended family, girls! So what did I know about raising boys… ? I had no idea what was to come. When I first feel pregnant, we decided to keep the first child a surprise which proved tougher than I first thought. In those first few days I was inundated with visitors after he was born, safe to...

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Boys Easter Hat Parade

Boys Easter Hat Parade

Boys Easter Hat Parade Inspiration That time of the year when the bunny comes to visit through the night, leaving delicious chocolate surprises! Also that time of year where if you are lucky, your kid’s school issues the Easter Hat Parade challenge … Always left to the last minute, where the hat becomes a combination of cardboard, Easter chicks, hand drawn surprises all pieced together with the trusty glue gun, am I right? Here are a few boy specific designs to inspire...

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5 Tips to extend the life of Boy’s clothes

The life of Boy's clothes….. Just stating the obvious: Kids grow so fast don’t they? We understand and feel your pain, we have all been there! Here are some of our top tips to extending the life of boys clothes: Mix n Match Pick a few key staple pieces each season that can be styled and layered up to create multiple looks together. These pieces may include a quality pair of jeans, basic tee in black, white or blue, a quality cardigan...

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Work-Life Balance

WORK/LIFE BALANCE. DOES IT EXIST? 5 LESSONS I HAVE LEARNT Meetings, coffee, long hours, heels that was my career life. The life that got me out of bed in the morning, the life that I bragged about, the media life that seemed glamorous in my mind. That was until my son was born. Nothing was going to change things, I would be able to balance everything surely, I mean how hard could it be? Women have ben doing this for years! I...

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5 things about Boys blog!

I was not one of those mothers who after she found out that she was pregnant was desperate for one sex over the other. Through the whole pregnancy I really did not give it much thought, surrounding myself with anything and everything neutral… cream, cream and white to mix it up! So when I went into the delivery room and heard those words “it’s a boy”, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was one of three girls, what...

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