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Wilson & Frenchy Baby boy clothes

Wilson & Frenchy

Wilson & Frenchy Baby boy clothes

For the best in baby boy clothing, look no further than Wilson & Frenchy, a renowned brand for sustainable organic clothes. Their beautiful baby clothing collections are made up of a uniqueness and luxuriously soft 100% natural organic cotton and blends. All pieces are GOTS, ensuring that each item is produced sustainably. 
Explore their collection of baby boy clothing, kids sleepwear, gifts and more.

Wilson & Frenchy, are the leaders in baby apparel, incorporate hand drawn illustrations and playful graphics into their designs. Ease of fit and accessibility for little ones is top of mind when creating each piece


A brand loved across the world for its subtle colour palette, hand drawn illustrations, playful graphics, natural and organic fabrics and custom designs. Wilson & Frenchy design and create uniquely crafted clothing made of the finest cotton, that is produced in factories deemed ‘fair trade’.