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Ducky Street Air Transport

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Ducky Street Air Transport Themed Set
Expressing yourself is so simple when you’ve got the right tattoo set. Use our designs for creating temporary tattoo sleeves or make the pleasure last longer by applying different temp tatts time after time.

OK, guys, let's fly! Passenger jet, propeller plane or a jet fighter! Chopper or a rescue helicopter. Choose your aircraft!


  • Tattoo sheet size - 15x21 cm
  • Comes in transparent bag
  • Skin safe and non toxic, made with professional combined technology temporary tattoos
  • Lasting on average 2-4 days
  • Waterproof

Ducky Street Temporary tattoos, designed with love and kids in mind. Collaborations with artists from all around the world, are conducted to create stellar tattoo designs for the littlest members of society. 

Kids always have been, and always will be, the inspiration behind this brand and their incredible designs. Each tattoo has been designed for skin and any other surface to bring the fun back in play.