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QToys 2 Tone Number Set

by Qtoys

Beautiful QToys 2 Tone Number Set, is the perfect toy to keep little hands and minds busy.

Stunning set of 20 natural 2 Tone numbers to be used through learning and play.  The simplicity has not only reveal the beauty of the timber but also make it less distract to the child

Why they'll love it: Large easy to hold numbers that are perfect for little ones to use and play
Material: Made from plantation timber using non-toxic materials and ethically made
Appropriate Age: Whilst fun for all ages, it is recommended for ages 2+


QTOY Brand: The Quins Group is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned company that designs and manufactures educational toys, teaching equipment and children's furniture.

Every design of QToys has a specific educational function in order to foster children's physical and mental development. Q Toys are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen and have very high quality finishes.

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