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Top 5 Boys Fashion Autumn styles 2018

Boys Fashion Autumn styles 2018 Whilst the weather has been playing tricks on us lately, the cooler weather is starting to set in. The cooler change in season, calls for a change of everyday essentials to keep your little guy stylish and warm. For Autumn boys fashion, it’s all about combining comfortable light weight pieces together with some statement pieces that can easily layered and styled together to create new looks. Here are some of our top boys fashion picks for this [...]

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Top 4 Tips for Boy Fashion Stylin’

Tips for Boy Fashion! Dressing boys can be fun – here are my Top 4 tips for stylin’ your little man: 1. COMFORT Boys will be boys. If they are not comfortable in what you have put them in, one of two things will happen: (a) They will whinge, possibly roll around on the floor or tug at their clothes until something rips until you submit and redress them, OR (b) They will just start to undress themselves. Lets face it mamas, who needs [...]

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Indie Kids by Industrie

Introducing Indie Kids by Industrie label ….the curators of cool, an effortless style for boys fashion. With a overall commitment to producing the casual, on-trend styles and practicality kids want and need. History behind the Brand The Industrie brand was born back in 1999 with a focus on Australian Men’s clothing. Their focus was on producing modern, practical, affordable and instinctively masculine clothing for every man. It was in 2008 that they expanded their portfolio to include Indie Kids – an effortlessly cool [...]